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    is the most sought out bathroom remodeling contractor in Bedford, Texas and the surrounding area to include the greater Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. Let our professionals give you a free quote today!

    The most sought out bathroom remodeling contractor in Tarrant County.

    A bathroom remodel is the perfect way to increase the value of your home, showcase your personality and style, and enjoy the spaces in your home. This is why you should hire an experienced company that knows how to properly remodel a bathroom, that is local and has real world experience so that you can have bedford bathroom remodeling. If you are in Bedford, Texas or the surrounding areas, you can benefit immediately from a bathroom remodel with our variety of styles, brands, colors, and installation procedures. Let us start your bathroom remodeling in bedford today. With many years of practical experience in this ,market, you can always rely on us when it comes to working on your Bedford, Texas bathroom remodel.



    Our dedicated and seasoned team of professionals guarantee timely completion of your project while staying within your budget. Our goal is to simply surpass your expectations. From setting up the initial design consultation to final touches on your Bedford, Texas bathroom remodel, we will work tirelessly to give you the right results that are a reflection of our professionalism, attention to detail, integrity and accountability. Your bathroom remodel in bedford is a phone call away.

    Bathroom remodeling in colleyville is also in our service area.


    It does not matter whether you hope to remodel a small part or the entire bathroom, BT Bathroom Remodeling will gladly demonstrate to you the right way you can achieve your wishes of remodeling your bathroom. For residential and commercial services, our dedicated team of bathroom remodelers can assist you in determining what and how to remodel your bathroom in Bedford, Texas.


    Bathroom Remodeling Services

    Shower / Tub

    Take a shower or soak in a tub like a movie star. Our options are endless but you are the winner in the end!



    Upgrading the lighting in the bathroom is a must, especially around the mirrors and sinks. Call our professional team at BT Bathroom Remodeling to get your free quote.


    Counters and Sinks

    The counters, counter tops and sinks are the first thing you see when you walk into a bathroom. We have tons of styles, brands and colors to pick from and why BT Bathroom Remodeling is the bathroom remodeler near me that is best suited for your project.



    We are experts at replacing the flooring in your bathroom. The hardest thing about replacing the floor is you picking which new floor you want. Tile? Waterproof vinyl? No matter what you pick, BT Bathroom Remodeling will replace the floor.


    Walls and Ceiling

    The last piece to remodeling your bathroom in Bedford is replacing or upgrading the walls and ceiling.  Call BT Bathroom Remodeling today to get your free quote.

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